Personalised Monogrammed Ethical Leather Accessories

Hinterland Foil is a family-run business in Gold Coast, Australia. We’ve been running since 2009 as a specialty printing service. Although we run in the Gold Coast, our products reach all over the world!

With a strong commitment to perfection, our personalised ethical monogrammed leather accessories are made to last for a long time. Our dedicated family team delivers only the finest products. We take extra care with every service and product we send your way!

Our shop consists of our finest personalised monogrammed ethical leather accessories. Over the years, we have compiled our best, top-selling products and have placed them in our shop so everyone in the world can access them. Take a look!

Ethically sourced leather

One of our core values is producing only the best quality products for our clients. To produce quality products, we believe in using the finest leather that has been sourced only from ethical sources. All our leather comes from bi-products that would otherwise end up in landfills. Moreover, we only work with suppliers who are committed to fair-trade production and environmental sustainability. In particular, this means no child labour and safe working conditions that provide a living wage and reasonable working hours.

Personalised leather accessories

As well as being ethical, our products are tailored to suit your gift needs! Ever wanted a personal touch to a special gift for a special someone? Our monogrammed leather accessories can be finished with personalised signatures. We offer a range of leather accessories with a personalised touch. All you have to do is find your perfect gift and we personalise it with a luxurious finish. 

Have a look through our shop to find the perfect gift!

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